What Are Window Grilles?

Window Grille


A decorative pattern on a window or door consisting of horizontal and/or vertical bars that divide the larger sheet of glass into smaller panes. Grille types include simulated divided lites (SDL), true divided lites (TDL), grilles in the airspace (GIA), and wood removable grilles

Are Window Grilles Important?

When windows were first developed, glass could not be created in large sheets like it is today. It was too fragile and large pieces were impossible to move without breaking. The solution was to create many small pieces of glass joined together by window grilles.
Today, we have the technology to create large seamless panes of glass, so window grilles are now a purely aesthetic consideration for consumers that prefer a traditional or even historically accurate window style.
Are Window Grilles In Style?

Window grilles remain a very popular style for homeowners today—especially for homes with traditional styling. On many historical architectural styles, window grilles are almost a must. On Victorians, Cape Cods, or Colonials for example, the architectural styling of these types of houses was designed with divided lite windows. These houses may look a little ‘off’ or ‘naked’ without the window grilles they are commonly associated with.
If you want—or in some cases due to HOA requirements—need window grilles to match your home’s architectural style, you should be certain that you choose a window replacement manufacturer that offers a variety of different grille combinations and styles. Window grilles were common across large areas of the country and thus have a number of varying styles depending on where you live.
Types of Window Grilles

At Weather Shield, we offer three types of window grilles, each with a variety of styles and design options:
Removable Wood Grille
Wood Removable Grilles feature a frame design that offers strength superior to stick grilles offered by other window manufacturers. The frame snaps securely into the interior sash using a concealed pin system. Wood Removable Grilles make window cleaning easier, yet provide an added interior dimension. Custom grille designs are available.


Between The Glass Grille
Grille Between the Glass consist of aluminum muntin bars in between two panes of insulating glass, giving you the look of divided lites while making window cleaning easier.


Simulated Divided Lite
Simulated Divided Lites (SDL) offer the authentic look of True Divided Lites without sacrificing energy efficiency. Interior and exterior bars are permanently adhered to the glass and a narrow spacer bar is positioned within the insulating glass airspace. Unlike True Divided Lites, SDL utilizes a single pane of insulating glass, decreasing the potential for energy loss. Exterior bars will be finished to match the exterior finish specified

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