What Are Picture Windows?

A picture window is a large, fixed-pane window, generally made without glazing bars. A picture window gets its name from the fact that it is designed to give you a clear view of your surroundings without any obstructions—essentially acting as a picture frame for the scenery outside the window.
Picture windows are normally inoperable, so they provide no airflow or ventilation benefits, but their fixed-pane nature makes them highly energy efficient. If you are looking to increase the natural lighting in your home and create exceptional views of the outdoors, but prefer a window that does not open, a picture window is perfect for you.
Common Uses for Picture Windows

Although picture windows can be virtually any size, they are often large, designed to highlight attractive outdoor scenery—making them popular for living and dining rooms where homeowners spend much of their time.
In these situations, it is important to ensure that you choose picture windows with highly energy efficient characteristics. Windows are inherently inefficient when compared to traditional building materials, so you want to make sure that your windows incorporate energy saving features to keep your energy bills under control.
Picture Combination Windows

If you desire expansive views and exceptional natural lighting, but do not want to sacrifice function entirely, consider a combination window. A combination window is generally a set of windows with a large unobstructed pane of glass in the center with a combination of two or more operable windows on the sides.
Combination windows can be created with a number of different windows. A rectangular shaped direct set window flanked by double-hung or casement windows on either side is a popular choice for many homeowners—providing maximum natural light with exceptional airflow.
Picture / Combination Window Installation

If you are planning for replacement or new construction window installation, consider Weather Shield windows. Weather Shield picture and combination windows provide superior elegance, energy efficiency, and durability—best of all, they’re manufactured right here in the USA!
Contact us directly or find a local Weather Shield dealer in your area. Our dealers are trained and certified to install Weather Shield windows, which come with a 20 year warranty on components.

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