Upgrading to Impact Hurricane Windows

Now, it’s pretty well-known that every homeowner did not build their dwelling from the ground up. The majority did not get the opportunity to sit down with their architect and hash out every minute detail of the house as it was built, getting regular updates along the way. And it’s fine. The majority buy a home that has been built some years ago, which is great.

Although, there is a certain aspect of homes that often gets overlooked, which is the inclusion of impact hurricane windows. Most people who buy a new home wouldn’t normally think about tearing out every window in the house before moving in, which is normal.

It is something to consider at some point, though. The benefits of installing high impact hurricane windows are numerous. When someone would go about upgrading, however, is hard to place.
Hurricane Season 2014

A real no-brainer would be to start before the beginning of the Atlantic hurricane season, which occurs on June 1st. Having impact hurricane windows installed in the weeks prior to the official start of hurricane season will give the homeowner a leg up on others. Avoid the rush as other scramble to have theirs installed as a major storm is announced. Don’t further add to the stress of preparing for a storm by having to scramble to a home repair store like Home Depot or Lowe’s, which at that time would be a madhouse, and be forced to buy plywood or hurricane shutters. Everyone knows how grueling and tedious putting these up can be.

If your interested in learning about how winds are categorized you can find more information about the Saffir-Simposon wind ratings on the NOAA.gov website.
Impact Hurricane Windows for Other Reasons

Storm threats aside, there are opportune times when a person can take the time to make an upgrade to high impact hurricane windows. For instance, it’s pretty common for children to accidentally break a window. Kids throw rocks, play baseball, etc. These things happen. instead of automatically replacing the window with the same type of glass, plan ahead and upgrade.

In the unfortunate event of an act of vandalism or even a break-in, again, it may be a good time to consider high impact hurricane windows. the addition of these would make another occurrence of something like this less likely, or to be less damaging. We know nobody really expects something like this to happen routinely, but it’s a fact of life. These things do happen.

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