Should I Buy Custom Windows

“Should I buy custom windows?” is a common question we are asked, and the best answer we can give without physically assessing your existing windows is: “it depends.”
Some people opt to purchase stock sized windows because they are cheaper than custom-built windows. They sometimes, however, forget to keep in mind that if your window openings are an irregular size, you must take into account how much it will cost to make the opening bigger or smaller to properly fit a stock window. This will add a fair amount of work and expense to the window replacement project, potentially canceling out any savings you may realize by buying off the shelf.
In addition to the fitting problems posed by stock windows, aesthetics are another. Custom windows generally offer much more flexibility in aesthetics than stock windows. At Weather Shield, most of our window lines can be customized with hundreds or thousands of design, style, and color combinations—allowing us to accommodate almost any homeowner’s unique design needs.
How Are Custom Windows Different?

Windows that are not custom fitted to your home, often called new construction windows, come in standard sizes and are frequently stocked by retailers or window supply companies. These windows are most commonly used in new construction projects that are built with standard window sizes in mind. This allows for quicker build times and lower costs.
Custom windows, on the other hand, are custom crafted specifically to your home’s window openings. This ensures a tighter fit—improving energy efficiency and overall aesthetics.
How to Choose What Is Right for You

The best course of action is to always rely on a window replacement professional before making a purchasing decision. A professional window contractor will be able to assess your home’s window openings and take your design and energy efficiency needs into consideration. They will also help you decide whether new construction or custom windows are a better fit for your budget.
Weather Shield Custom Windows

We offer several types of custom windows that are attractive, durable, and energy efficient. Our custom window selection includes:
Wood Windows – customized to fit your home or business, our custom wood windows offer classical elegance combined with modern efficiency.
Vinyl Windows – our custom vinyl-clad wood windows feature the premium aesthetics of wood windows with improved durability, energy efficiency and less maintenance.
Fiberglass Windows – our custom fiberglass windows are environmentally friendly, exceptionally energy efficient and extremely low maintenance.
Aluminum-Clad Windows – we offer two custom aluminum-clad window product lines, the Signature Series and Premium Series. Whether on a budget or looking for architectural grade aluminum-clad windows, we have the custom window solution for you!
With our millions of possible design and styling combinations, we are confident our custom windows will be exactly what you are looking for!
Custom Window Installation

If you are looking for custom window installation for your home or business or would like to learn more about our custom window and door products, contact us directly, or find a Weather Shield dealer near you! Our window and door dealers are fully trained and provide high-quality installation to complement and enhance our premium window and door selection.