How does Low-E Window energy efficient insulation film and glass work?

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What are Low-E coatings exactly?

Low-E, or Low Emissivity surfaces reduce the amount of heat that passes through a window while still allowing light to pass through. The level of heat that passes into your home is measured by the level of ultraviolet light that passes through your windows All materials absorb, reflect, and emit thermal energy.

What is Low E Glass

Treated surfaces, like the coatings that are applied to a window, will significantly lower this. This comes as a huge opportunity for homeowners who are concerned about their overall energy costs.By reflecting heat this way, especially during Florida’s extended warm months, your air conditioner will run considerably less as your home will stay cooler for longer. This directly and immediately reduces your monthly energy bill, translating into huge savings. This also adds to your home’s overall level of comfort.
Other Benefits of Low-E Windows

The U.S. Department of Energy did some testing on the effects of Low E Hurricane Windows, and came up with this data.

Low E Impact Hurricane Window Effects
Thermal Insulation

Low-E windows aren’t just useful in the summer. In the winter, they also reduce the amount of heat that is lost from within the home. Again, this further reduces energy costs by keeping your home warmer for longer periods of time, we’re talking year-round savings here.
Reflective Properties

The reflective properties of Low-E window coatings have other added bonuses. Less UV rays pass through your windows, which will reduce the fading of furnishings and other fixtures in the home.