How Can Impact Hurricane Windows Effect Interior Design?

To homeowners in South Florida, there is one feature of their abodes that is showcased above all others. It’s not the vaulted ceilings, or even the crown moulding. It’s the view. Homes here are in short supply of breathtaking scenery, heavily influencing a buyer’s choice. That said, it is only natural that the overall design of their hurricane windows comes across as important.

Hurricane Windows and Interior Design
Does Hurricane Windows effect Interior Design?

The choice of windows is so integral to the overall aesthetic of a room. One must choose a design that compliments the room. Naturally, a room with high ceilings will be left in need of hurricane windows that are high above the ground, the kind that would be seen in an atrium or perhaps a foyer. It would also not be unusual for a smaller room to come equipped with a large window as well, seeing as how the amount of light a room desires is also taken into account.

The windows to a home are much more than transparent wall openings. They can, if done well, can be the intermediary between a house’s property view and overall interior design. The view from hurricane windows can compliment a room’s furnishings, adding to the overall feel. One enhances the other, so take in factors like where the sun hits the property and how that may affect lighting or or heat. For instance, a late-riser will probably not want windows facing east. A person who does not like the room to be warm in the late afternoon will not want a window that faces west, and so on.

Windows can be fitted and installed at virtually any size and shape. There are no concrete design rules for hurricane windows, so the possibilities of a home’s view are infinite. Choose and install the designs that you feel best complete your home, to your own standards.
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