Handle Typical Dishwasher Repairs Easily To Minimize Dish Washing Machine Maintenance

dishwasher-repairThese newfangled dishwasher boxes can be a headache sometimes. Can we older folk still say modern? I guess to be socially correct; we better say “technologically advanced dish sanitation machine.” No matter how old or how young we are and no matter how we describe our dishwashers, the bottom line is that these beautiful creations have served humankind very well since they were first introduced so many years ago.

It is no wonder why so many of us tread so lightly when it comes to the use, or should I say misuse of the dishwasher. I let the dishwasher door close a little too hard one evening and my wife, and kids lit into me verbally as if I had harmed the family pet. I am the only one in the household that doesn’t mind washing dishes the old-school way, by hand. So the mere thought of something going wrong with that particular family member (the dishwasher), strikes fear into the hearts and minds of my family members.

With that said, here are a couple of typical dishwasher repair and how best to handle them:

  • Once in a while, the drain located at the bottom of the dishwasher tends to back up and prevent the unit from draining completely. This is when the filter should be changed. In some dishwashers, the solution is simply to clean the accumulated food and any other garbage from the drain area and run the machine through a cycle.
  • There are times when you may notice a very strange and funky smell coming from within your dishwasher. Many times it is only a result of built up waste in the drain. By running a cycle using bleach with a lemon scent, the problem usually goes away.

As you can see, I have learned a thing or two about this family member.