Do I Need Impact Resistant Windows?

If you live in a coastal area that is prone to hurricanes and high winds, impact resistant windows are a great investment in the protection and safety of your home. Hurricane winds and severe thunderstorms can carry debris that is the single greatest threat to your home during a strong wind event.
Debris carried by strong winds can destroy windows, opening the envelope of your home. Once your home’s envelope has been compromised, strong winds and rain can cause significant damage to your interior and substantially increase the risk of the structure of your home becoming compromised.
Impact windows can help you protect your home—both inside and out—by reducing or eliminating damage caused by flying debris in high wind situations.
What Are Impact Resistant Windows?

Impact resistant windows, sometimes referred to as hurricane windows, are made up of impact-resistant glass, surrounded by a heavy duty frame that is securely fastened to the window frame. They replace the need for storm shutters—allowing homes to maintain a clean aesthetic while affording an even greater level of protection. Unlike storm shutters, impact resistant windows are built directly into the structure of the building, making them less likely to be ripped off or fully compromised by severe winds.
How Do Impact Resistant Windows Work?

Impact resistant windows have a special shatter-resistant glass, much like the glass that is found in the windshield of your car. This glass, unlike traditional panes of glass, consists of two layers of regular glass with a shatter-resistant film between them. This shatter-resistant film will hold the broken pieces of glass in place should it be struck by flying debris and break. This prevents the barrier between the interior and exterior of your home from being broken.
What States Require Impact Resistant Windows?

According to the International Building Code, the following states now require impact-resistant windows in new construction and remodeling:
New York
North Carolina
Rhode Island
South Carolina
Weather Shield Impact Resistant Windows

Our hurricane impact windows, the LifeGuard® line, offer superior protection in hurricane or other high wind conditions. Our LifeGuard® windows come in many of the same styles as our traditional windows, meaning your home can maintain a traditional look with the added benefit and safety of insulated impact resistant windows.
To learn more about our LifeGuard® line of impact resistant windows, click here.
Get an Estimate for Impact Resistant Replacement Windows

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