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Impact Resistant Window Tips: Why It’s Important That You Protect Your Home With Hurrican Proof Windows During Storm Season?

Whenever there is a tropical storm or hurricane, it is essential that you protect your home and this is especially important if you Impact Windows And Doorsreside close to coast.  Now if you happen to not live near to a coastal area, you should still have some concern and take the necessary precautions to protect your home, because even though hurricanes are not as powerful over land, they can still cause a lot of damage with wind borne debris and high winds and homes can be affected even if they are hundreds of miles away from the coastal areas.

Individuals that live in states such as Florida, have to be concerned as they are more vulnerable whenever the hurricane season comes around, as Florida has received more hurricanes and tropical storms than any other state.  The best way to protect your home from damage is to make sure that any area that could be vulnerable to wind is reinforced with some type of hurricane protection.  So that means all glass doors and windows should be protected with either hurricane shutters, impact resistant windows or plywood.

Impact resistant windows or shutters will protect the glass on your windows and doors if an object hits it, but there are other things that you should be worried about other than your doors and windows breaking, such as if there is a sudden change in pressure within your home, which could be caused by a window breaking during a hurricane, which could result in major damage to the structure of our house.  And these types of repairs will be expensive.  For more hurricane protection tips visit The Window Experts Website.

Even today, many homeowners still use plywood to cover their doors and windows and mainly because it is a cheap alternative to impact windows, but one of the major disadvantage of plywood is that depending on how strong the winds are in a hurricane, these could actually blow off.  They can’t provide the level of protection that permanent shutters or impact resistant windows can.  Hurricane windows or roll down shutters will provide maximum protection because they are securely anchored to your home, so they will not blow off in the midst of a storm.  Hurricane resistant windows and shutters are tested by the manufacturers to make sure that they meet the building code standards that are proven to stand up to wind and flying objects that could be present during a hurricane.

If you are building a new home, then impact resistant windows are a great option and while they function similar to standard windows they offer a lot more protection from hurricanes.  Some homeowners even take things to the next level by installing both impact windows and shutters which would give them maximum hurricane protection.  If you want to install impact windows and doors you should do this way in advance or after hurricane season, because if a hurricane comes then that will delay the necessary permits.  You should also check your local county building codes to see what will be necessary for starting your home improvement project.