Anatomy of a Door

A door isn’t always just a door. Sometimes a door is a statement about yourself. Who you are, what you like, and how you want to present yourself to the world.
A door can be constructed in a number of ways—it can be a single piece of wood, vinyl, aluminum, or glass with a locking mechanism, handles, and hinges—or constructed with a number of building materials. For example, you can add transoms, sidelights, panels, stiles, brick moulding, and more to give your door a more unique and elegant aesthetic.
To learn more about the components of a door and Weather Shield door products, read on below.
Door Terminology

Door System – a door system includes everything you need to install a door, with the door slab pre-installed in the frame. Simply put the frame in place and you’re done.
Frame – the door frame is the structure used to fasten a door to your building’s structure.
Lite – a lite is a framed piece of glass found within a sidelight, transom, or the door slab itself.
Rail – the rails are the horizontal pieces of a door slab, generally found at the top, in the middle, and at the bottom of the door slab.
Sidelight – sidelights are fixed pane pieces of glass used for decorative purposes on the sides of a door system.
Slab – the slab is the operable piece of a door system.
Stile – stiles are the vertical pieces of the door slab
Transom – transoms are decorative pieces of glass installed above a door system.
Threshold – the threshold is the bottom component of a door system.
For an industry professional, this is basic window terminology, but much of these terms are unknown to the average window shopper.
Familiarizing yourself with these terms can make your window shopping experience go much more smoothly.
Weather Shield Entry Doors

Whether you are seeking a simple steel entry door or a top-of-the-line architectural quality fiberglass entry door, we have the product for you. With thousands of potential design options, we are confident our entry doors will meet the needs of any homeowner.
If you want additional information or if you would like to order entry doors from Weather Shield, please find a Weather Shield dealer in your area, or contact us today and we can put you in touch with one of our dealers in your area.


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